Basalt- C

Basalt is Intrusive
Basalt is Small grained.
Basalt forms on the moon, It also forms in small amounts in the ocean, and forms in large.
Basalt usually forms in masses in lava pockets over time and also in under-water volcanoes all over the world when small rocks and other things get compressed and form into another rock.
Basalt is usually black but can also be gray.
Basalt is mostly plagioclase, pyroxene, and magnetite
Basalt is used in cement, asphalt, and occasionally it is cut into shapes for use as floor tiles
Basalt is the most common type of rock in earths surface.
If basalt does not solidify on the interior of a basolistic volcano then it does not form basalt, but instead it forms into gabbro.



Zach Tracy
Cory Georgesen