Hardness- 2- 2.5
Color- Metallic white
Luster- Metallic
Density- 9.78 g/ml
Crystal Structure- Rhombohedral
Cleavage/Fracture-Cleavage- 0001/perfect. Fracture- Uneven.
Special Characteristics- It is a crystalline brittle metal.
How it forms- combines slowly with oxygen at room temp. images.jpg
Where is it found? It is found in earths crust.
Uses for it- It is used in cosmetics like make up and the primary use is making alloys.
Is it found in Iowa? No.
Bismuth is made from Lead, Tin, Tellurium, Antimony and Polonium.
Bismuth's atomic number is 83 and the symbol for it on the periodic table is Bi.
Bismuth is safe to use in cosmetics and can be extremely helpful in clearing up acne. Bismuth is in group 15 or the nitrogen family.


By: Seth Berg And Cody Arneson