• What it is made of (what type of atoms)==external image images-1.jpgNa2B4O7:10h2O
  • Hardness == 2-2.5
  • Colors =yellow green
  • Luster==vitreous/glassy
  • Streak==white
  • Density==1.73 g/cm
  • Crystal Structure==prismatic
  • Cleavage/Fracture==perfect
  • Special Characteristics==When borax is mixed with flammables such as methanol, it will give it a green flame.
  • How it forms==When in hot water/when you take it out crystals are formed around it
  • Where it is found in the world==Southwestern United States, the Atacama desert in Chile, and in Tibet and Romania
  • Uses for it==killing weeds and laundry detergent
  • Is it found in Iowa, if so where?no
  • Pictures of samples