Devin Howard and Matt Hislop
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Breccia is a Sedimentary Rock

What type of Sedimentary Rock is Breccia? Clastic

Where does it form? It is believed to form on an outcrop where weathering debris accumulates and near stream deposits near the outcrop

How is Breccia formed? Breccia is formed by the lithification of angular rock fragments that have been transported a short distance by erosion

What minerals are found inside of Breccia? ´╗┐´╗┐Barite, Chalcopyrite, Pyrite, and Quartz are the minerals found in Breccia

What is it made up of? Breccia is made up of broken fragments of rock or minerals

What is it's grain size? The grain size of Breccia is coarse

What is it's grain shape? The grain shape of Breccia is angular

Is it uniform or non-uniform? Breccia is a non-uniform sedimentary rock

Are fossils inside of Breccia? If so, what fossils? Yes, the fossils that are found in Breccia are organisms in ancient shores, basins, and lake beds

What are the uses of Breccia? Breccia is used as a decorative stone used on countertops, building facades, and walkways

Main types of Breccia: There are six main types of Breccia, they are: Collapse, Fault, Flow, Igneous, Impact, and Pyroclastic Breccia

Pay attention to the part about sedimentary rocks!