Gold is made up of small amounts of silver; and sometimes copper and iron.gold_ore_calif.jpg

Gold has a hardness of 2.5 - 3

The mineral gold has a color of golden yellow to brass yellow.

Luster of gold is a metalic

The streak is a golden yellow.

The density of gold is 15.5 - 19.3

crystal structure of the gold usually comes in small flakes

Gold doesn't have cleavage, but it's fracture is hackley.

Gold has a golden-yellow color with an gold_ore02.jpgextreme heaviness a lack of tarnish and it is malluable and ductible.

crystal structure of gold islattice face centered cubic.

mohs hardness 2.5

gold has been found in Iowa in these locations: in the iowa river about 2.5 miles nw of le grande, around Pella-harvey bridge just north of harvey along the Des Moines river.southwest of newton in the channel of the south skunk river by highway 14 gold has been panned.

gold is used in the dentistry,electrical,aerospace,arts,medical, and chemical fields. Gold is also used to make jewelery,masks,cups,buttons,beads,on famous tombs,toilets,and other consumer products.

gold is most commonly found in south africa,china,russia,australia, and peru,south dakota,nevada.

India is the worlds largest consumer of gold and importer of gold, with a consumption of about 25% of the worlds gold.
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